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You Are Condemned Don't Attempt...

...To Exist In This World Full Of Hate

12 May
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astrazeneca634's icon journal

+ all icons are made for taking or modifing +
+ all i ask is for a comment +

:wumpscut: is love.

I love fucking the dead too. Neeecrooopheeeliaaa!!!

-about me-
name: Astra aka Liz
birthday: may 12.
interests/info stuff: music, all types of music, hello kitty, thrift stores, red, black, purple, :wumpscut:, A Perfect Circle, A Fire Inside, Collide, Johnny Hollow, Lacuna Coil, Cradle of Filth, Otep, i like girls, i also like boys, heehee, i want to be a photographer, i like to draw, but its not that good, for more info just go to my other journal :3
other journals: livejournal: astrazeneca634 and deadjournal: astrazeneca
links/communities: deviantART + 1cons + lp_icons + haunted_designs + nocreditneeded + icons +

here, have a bannar: